Christopher Clark


I take great pride in describing myself as a ‘people person’. I have always appreciated when someone can make me smile in a fleeting moment or if I can return the favor to a stranger walking down the street. I do believe that our life experiences are enhanced by the human experience. Real Estate allows me to put this to practice every day.

I joined Cabin Country Realty in 2004 and haven’t looked back. I left a career in aviation to try something new and return to an area that I love. I grew up in Winnipeg, but my childhood memories revolve around the family cottage we had on Clearwater Bay. We sold in 2016 marking 50 years of our family name on Lake of the Woods. Those summers at the cottage taught me independence and the love for the outdoors. I am still an avid water person whether it be swimming or paddling. I was always interested in boats as a kid and that has stayed with me…I never missed a boat show!

I am excited to pass on my passion for the area to my sons. My wife Shauna was born and raised in Kenora, which helps me feel like it’s always been my home as well.

The Cabin Country team is something I am very proud of. I feel like we’re all down to earth people that are easy to relate to. I am very fortunate to have Graham Chaze as my Co-Owner in the Brokerage and more importantly the great job he does in making us all successful.

If you have read to this point you can call me by my nickname…Rooster.


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